Monday, April 18, 2011


i'm with him, thinking about you. thinking about when i will see you next. thinking of your smile. thinking of a movie night for us. thinking what if...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mini Haul

Hey there bloggers,

I just contacted my two winners of my first giveaway! yay! Sorry it took so long, I still don't have a computer :[  I'm surprised I got more followers than what I hoped for, YAY! Anywho I'm attempting to dye my hair tomorrow... and maybe trim; I'm going blonde! LOL, underneath my bangs... and maybe more... but idk yet. I'll post pictures up when I'm done with the finished look. 

So today I went to Marshall's, I believe and found this mineral eyeshadow kit... that was only $7.99, with five different eyeshadows! What a DEAL!!! 

(not my picture... I couldn't find my camera so I threw my box away.)

Ok, now I've been trying to look this up on the net and can't seem to find what the website is... but not to worry I found it... and the prices there are $30! For an eyeshadow trio kit, including two brushes... which reminds me of e.l.f. When I looked some of this up... e.l.f. came up, and it resembles e.l.f. a little... they have some of the same names, and seem like it would be the same product, but idk for sure. I;ve never used e.l.f.'s mineral eyeshadow before sooo, I wouldn't know. I'm going back for more... I think I'm going to get the smokey trio kit next with the blush.  That one was $9.99, good deal! And oh, btw they kind of resemble bare minerals, I have two eyeshadows from bare mineral and they were twins, hahaha. NB (Naturale Beauty) eyeshadow are way way cheaper though at least at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. 

So I primed these with NYX's Pearl Base; these eyeshadows already have some glitter to them... the pearl base gave it a more glitterly look.

Left to right. Elegant. Sassy. Glamorous. Wild. Confident. (Elegant & Wild same names as e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow and look the same... so as jar, If you know that they're the same let me know! It's driving my nuts!!!)

Sorry I did Glamorous twice (third, & fifth).

Sorry now it's too bright :[





I also got myself E.l.f.'s Contouring Blush and Bronzed powder at Super Target for three bucks. I've heard good things about so I figured I'd give it a try... I mean it's only three bucks, BTW I LOVE ITTT!!!!

With flash.


My man bought me these shoes and I love them! Guess where we got them! Cato's! Yepp... Cato's got the best shoes... maybe not all the time but sometimes and good clearance shoes too. These were on clearance for $12.99, so I gotta have them! I'm totally wearing these to ALT, with my cute mini peach/black dress, which I should of taken a picture too but totally forgot too, hehehe.

That's pretty much it for today... look out for my next giveaway bloggers, thanks for reading!!!