Thursday, March 17, 2011

Huge HAUL!

Hey bloggers!

I see that we only need one more follower until I pick out the winner of my e.l.f. blog! Yay!!! And today I'm doing my haul... with some swatches too. This is my first haul so it should be fun... plus I go to work at six... so I totally have enough time to blog out there! Hahaha! Alrighties then let's start!!! 

Here's my makeup of the day! Usng my new NYX Purple Glitter.

(I look like Rudolph, with my big red nose, LMAO!)

Okay so my very first makeup I ever worn was I Love My Eyes in black, and til this day I still wear it! I cannot live without EYELINER! Idk why either, LOL, it's just a must for me.  My very first eyeshadow I ever worn was Jesse's Girl, Flambe, which I love and is still wearing... that's like my every day look. And from there I just bought whatever that belonged to Jesse's Girl.... I've bought some other products too like from Wal-mart, but nobody can beat Jesse's Girl.

You can buy Jesse's Girl at Rite Aid or Walgreens, but I'll tell you my little secret! If you live here in NC, go to Carolina Mall, in Concord. There's a store called Dollar Star, or something... it's the only dollar store there, but they sell Jesse's Girl for only a buck! Really 99 cents! Ain't that a stealer! Jesse's Girl is originally priced at $3.99, so that's a saver! You save a total of 3 bucks! But they of course do not have alot varieties.  Buy I believe it's Rite Aid... they are having a BOGO 50% off, on certain things, like nail polish, and eyeshadow, they also have a 40% off on the Stardust. I also forgot I bought a lip gloss, which it very glitterly, I forgot to do a swatch on that and I also have the Transformer, which is basically a primer, but more for glitter stuff, I also have two eyeshadow cremes as well. So go out and get you some!!! 

Here is my Jesse's Girl collection!

Starting from the top right and ending to the bottom left (the ones in the container are call Stardust, and the other two in the black compact are Creme Eyeshadow).  BTW, these are with NO PRIMER!

 Hi Ho Silver. Fruit Punch. Mardi Gra. Sparkle Red. Ultra Violet. 

 BlackStar Blue. StarShine. Rouge Flambe. Majestic Green. Indian Summer. (Sorry but I dont know the names of the creme shadow, the one on the left is a teal color and the one on the right is a light pink). Penny Arcade. Flambe (sorry the last three sucked in the picture).

Jesse's Girl, Spring Break (with 2 coats, btw my nails were chipping off so I needed a new look, and here was what I did... look below).

 Jesse's Girl JulieG (with 2 coats, peach color) & Sally Hansen Blue Me Away (with 2 coats, blue). 

Here is my VS (Victoria's Secret) Collection! 

To the left is Wish and to the right is Scrumptious. VS's lipsticks are the BOMB! I love them! I only have two, they're a bite pricey... these were $12 each, some are $14... compared with NYX's lipstick, which I'm not a big fan of because NYX's lipstick have a more pearl white look to them which I don't like. By far these are my favorite! I hope to add more of them to my collection!!! 

The two eyeshadows on the right are Beauty Rush in Plum Crazy (purple) and Bronzinger (brown); which are $7 each or 2 for $12. The other two on the left I got for $5 each, they were on sale last week, I'm not sure if they still are or not. These are very sparkly. Fierce(black) and Bubbly (white).

Brilliant Shimmer All Over in Star. This I believe was $10. I love using this in the summer, because I put it right on top of my blush to highlight the top of my cheeks!

***Sorry I didn't get to do any swatches... just let me know if you guys would like to see some swatches and I will post them up!***

Here's my Glamour Doll Eyes Collection! Along with my two new bare mineral eyeshadows.

Starting from the very left top corner. Hot Mess (eyelights, sample for $2.50 in jar), Lovers Lane (full jar for $9), Blue Ribbon (sample), Rave (eyelights, sample), Sorry I don't remember the name of this color :/ Bare Mineral's Celestine ($13), Bare Minerals Black Ice ($13), then we have my tower from Glamour Doll Eyes which was $17.50, the one showing is Tattoo.

Hot Mess, Lover's Lane, Blue Ribbon, Rave, some (blue), Celestine, Black Ice, & Tattoo.
I have five colors on the tower, I have three purples, one brown, and Lovers Lane. I may do a whole other blog about these with swatches from my tower... I plan to buy more! Glamour Doll Eyes is the bomb! They work better than Bare Minerals, and if you love glitter hit they're website! Right here --->


This isn't my collection, but I only got these for $10 each! Cool huh! I believe they're changing their bottles to plastic, that's probably why they're getting rid of these! I'm sooo happy I got them, I was running out too! They are priced at $20, or $18, but yay for me! 35r & 35d and primer for only $28!!! The primer had a pearl finish to it which I don't like too much, which made me look shiny.

My E.L.F. Collection!!!

This is just basically what've I bought since my last blog! I know right! I'm spending a little too much, but hey most of these are only a buck!!! You can get the white tool brushes at your loco Dollar General! Ain't that something! And they're only a $1. I went in to buy my sister some snickers! HUNGRY MAN! lol, and came across those brushes! Which I had already bought mine, but drove 30 minutes, yea I know! You can also find the lash curler there as well, and for the rest you can get them at SUPER TARGET! Which is my new favorite place because if e.l.f. hahaha, yep, they sell the professional brushes there as well for $3 (as you can see in the picture it isn't opened yet; in black). Only Super Target has it though... not Target... SUPER Target!  

So Ulta is my new favorite place!!!

If you don't know we have an Ulta!!! And Ulta is a salon/beauty supply department, they sell your loco makeup from Wal-mart to Urban Decay! I also got a membership with them which is if you spend $1 you get 4 points, and when you get 800 points or something you get $9 off your next purchase! I'm in love with this store! I've always wanted to try NYX and LAsplash products, but I hate ordering through the mail, because shipping takes forever! But it keeps you excited, because your like is my package here yet! LOL, but yea, we've got one! It's located near Sushi 101, at the Boardwalk... so go take a visit! I can't wait to use all this stuff.... I wanna go back this weekend and get more stuff, but I don't need to be spending all that cash on makeup... but I'm still debating!!!! 

If you bloggers have any questions feel free to ask!!!

Here are some pictures of NYX's Purpler Glitter, to me the base is purple, but the glitter is blue.

Til then see you bloggers later!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just blogging.

Hey everyone,

So time just went forward an hour. And I can't sleep because I'm going shopping tomorrow for makeup and I'm just sooo freaken excited about it lol I'm like a kid in a candy store for sure. Sounds silly huh? Lol, well I've got a haul to do maybe some swatches while I'm at it in my next blog.

We're getting closer and closer to 25 followers!!! Yay! My next giveaway is going to be when I get 100 followers! And I'm super duper excited because I already have what I want to give away... And it's one of my favorite items!

My next blog will be about Jesse's girl more of a haul than just blogging about Jesse's girl mixed in with other products. Jesse's girl was my first eyeshadow I've ever used and I'm still til this day am using it. So basically my next blog will be a mix of Jesse's girl, e.l.f., and my two new bare mineral eyeshadows which I love thanks to the beautiful Nahleen! Thank you Hun!

Til next time see you guys soon!!!