Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Halloween LOOKS!

Okay so i maybe a tad late on posting you Halloween looks since it's this weekend, LOL, anyways, i was just doing random looks with regular eyeshadows and makeup, so it's pretty easy to do. Some were inspired from videos.. mostly pictures. I was googling Halloween costumes and came up with some of these ideas. And FYI I am no pro at this, i just love makeup! People always ask me how i do my hair or makeup... and I dont know what to say... because i was never introduced to makeup; my first makeup was an eyeliner, and every since I've been wearing eyeliner forever! I was in the 6th grade, hahaha i remember it well, because my teacher called my parents and told them that i shouldn't wear eyeliner to school... PSSH... I still wore eyeliner every single day! I wasn't a rebel, but geesh you cant tell me what to wear, lol, she was a total nerd anyways... But I'm not a pro, at least not yet, I'm thinking of becoming one though :P

  1.) Creepy Rag Doll (ignore my false lash falling off my face, lol)

2.) Purple Butterfly (I couldn't figure out a design to do, so i did this, LOL, looks alright though)

3.) Dead Girl or Zombie (sorry i wasn't dressed up for this :/ )

4.) Indian/Tribal Warrior (I kinda got carried away with the patterens, hehehe)

5.) Katy Perry ET (I used mostly bronzed colors for the patterens)

So yea there you go my Halloween looks for 2011, hope you guys enoughed! Lookout for my next blog it's goin to be about makep storage!