Monday, January 24, 2011

Elf's 10 Piece Brush Set

So I went to Ross Dress For Less, looking for Bedhead Dumb Blond, because it's always cheaper there!

I've been hearing good things about Elf's products, but never really tried it. I looked up some of their brush sets online... and was totally going to purchase the twelve piece set. For someone like me who wears a lot of pigments.. I sure don't have a brush set, LOL. Anyways I ended up looking at elf products Ross had... they all came in like a gift set... some had eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a brush, or three eyeshadows and one brush.

An older lady walk near me and put a stack of elf products right underneath the shelf i was looking at..... and there they were! Elf's 10 piece brush set! It was fate! Fate brought us together, so I just had to get it... there was only four stacks... minus one from me! They're $9.99, so get yourself one now! Before it's all GONE!!!

I also bought a palette from forever21, it's a natural palette. Honestly, i don't love it, but i'm using it for the brow bone area. Here's a picture of myself, with all the colors using my new brushes! This look is like an everyday look, or romantic look.

Another big, big SECRET i have is! MAC for cheap! Concord Mills! I haven't been in this store.... for about a year now, and I went in, just to go in and waste time! And OMG, they had MAC covering the whole place, LOL. Some stuff were okay. They had some Hello Kitty MAC, a bunch of eyeshadows, and a couple of pigments, along with primers, and blushes. They have a new shipment every month so go in every MONTH! Some of their stuff are okay, they aren't the best thing, but your saving money on better quality makeup. It's The Cosmetic Company Store, which is across from Coach. I bought this Rose pigment by MAC, they had about eight other colors as well. They also carry Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Clique, and much more, so treat yourself and have fun shopping!!! Enjoy!

Later gators!


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  2. Your neutral look is beautiful on you. & That Rose pigment is gorgeous! I can never pull of Pinks or rosey colors on my eyes :( idk why. lol But you should do a look with that pigment! <3

  3. How long are the brushes and how are your rate of them today?

  4. i give the brushes a 10 out of ten! i love them! especially for the price. it's a dollar for one brushes and if you get the professional brushes their 3 bucks a piece... not bad. The brushes are a good 8 inches, i believe, i have this set and i also bought the white set online, you can find the white set at a Super Target along with the professional set :]