Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Black to Blonde Hair!

I hate it when I go to the salon, and people tell me they CAN'T turn my hair white blonde! Seriously... It's like WTF! So... I ended up doing it myself! And this is how!!!! FYI: It can damage your hair fooreal.

What you will need:

*  10 or 20 developer, prefer 10
*  30 developer
*  T18 toner, or T14 toner
*  Brush and mixing bowl
*  Bleach powder
*  Aluminum foil
*  Gloves, of course

(Honestly you can use any brand, anything will work from cheap to expensive, yes more expensive stuff will work better, but cheap stuff works just as good.)

Tips Before Reading On:

Bleach powder will be mixed with 30 developer.

Wella Color Charm Toner will be mixed with 10 developer.

Any brand developer works!

Start off with bleaching of course. You want to use a bleach from Sally's. Wellite or Ion, anything is good. Now don't buy the ones that come package with everything in a box... in my opinion they don't work, like from Wal-mart. When you buy the bleach, you can buy the packet or the tub, I bought the tub, because i bleach my whole hair. When bleaching use aluminum foil, you don't have to but, it helps heat your hair faster for it to process to banana yellow, which is the color you want. Put the aluminum foil underneath the part of your hair which you are bleaching and use the brush and just spread the bleach evenly. DO NOT spread onto the scalp! It will BURN! Leave it in for 30 minutes, rinse and repeat two more times. When you do this you must part your hair, grab about three inches, width long. If you have longer hair, you will not need a longer foil. I usually do five by eight and just fold in half with your hair in the foil. In the end you will have that banana yellow which is your goal. If there are parts that are not yellow... just put some more bleach in that area, if you have any left, leave on for five more minutes and wash out. Btw, don't worry about your hair being dried when repeating... it's not necessary... if you blow dry it'll just do more damage! When you first start... your hair must be dried though.

Your hair is now banana yellow. Which means it's time to tone it down. All you do is use toner T18, mix it with a 10 developer. I use 10, because it deposits color in. 20 lifts and deposits. 30 is an extra lift.  Leave that in for 10 to 15 minutes, no longer or your will turn GRAY!

DIRECTIONS! When you buy the bleach and toner, it will give you instruction on how much developer to mix it in with... mostly the ratio is 1:2, which means 1 oz of bleach, and double, 2 oz of developer.

I am currently a honey caramel color now, I went from black to blonde to brown. I going for chestnut red color next.

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  1. Mai, you need to do my hair sometimes. I suck at going blonde.

  2. LOL, it's a harsh process, your hair will be damaged! especially your roots. After dying my hair brown... i had to cut off my split ends and damaged parts... i think i did a pretty good job for cutting my hair, LOL, but it was like african american hair, LOL, i should of taken a picture of it! LOL, my mom said ewww... what is that?! hahaha.

  3. HOT DAMN, you are mighty determined aren't cha? lol I'm a hairdresser and I advised my clients who want a white blond to go into slowly, so I completely understand where he/she is coming from.

    You did a great job and it turned out quite well. :)

  4. Lol.. Good job. The brown looks good on your btw