Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So i've been thinking, well not really I just had a conversation with a friend about dieting... and i think i need to start dieting again. I've been on and off with dieting sooo much, it's not even funny. I started dieting so well until I got a job, and then i just really really lacked working out and stuff, then I got promoted to FULL TIME and now i really have no time in my hands to work out, geesh! LOL, but starting MONDAY! I will start, well attempt to diet again, lol, I say Monday instead of now, because it's Vampire Dairies Thursday night at Michelle's my favorite cousin with friends and pizza. Then Friday shopping and then county fair yay, so junk food and stuff too, lol, and I can't wait! i'm actually excited, hahahhaa.  

BTW i dyed my hair again i have to blog about how i did that too, i used a different product.  

Anyways back to dieting. I used Slimquick before and i lost a couple of pounds, i think imma use Slimquick Extreme, hopefully ill lost a bunch of weight and i know... you have to eat right and exercise as well, i'm going to keep a journal of my eating and exercising as well, i did that before and it helped too. Also exercising on DEMAND I LOOOVE IT! It works too because you dont have to go to the gym and get a pro to help you, you got it on screen and if you can't catch your breath you can pause lol.

So I also got lended P90X but it was really really really seriously freaken hard for me especially when i havent worked out in forever, but imma give that another shot soon after my daily dose of working out and getting it into my daily route :P
I made this blog for you guys to help me, get ideas of what you used and if it worked and how to stay fit. I would say yea, i might be a little over weight, but more of a fluffy kinda person, lol, i want that flat stomache! hahaha, but i still want my big booty, LOL, so if you have routes or ideas let me know I'll try them out!!!


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