Saturday, September 10, 2011

Se7en Beauty Sins:

7 Beauty Sins

 1. What is your cheapest beauty product?
My cheapest product would be elf at 1 buck; you literally can't beat that!!!

2. What beauty product has made you mad?
NYC Eyeliner... DOESN'T WORK! well not for me at least.

3What is your most delicious beauty product?
NYX's Mega Shine Lip Gloss in smokey look... smells... so good, like watermelon i little, but i can't really catch what it really it, lol.

4. What beauty product are you very lazy to use?
- Spray on mist... to lt your mke up set, i bought one from target; it's elf's makeup mist, i've used it once or twice and the bottles still full!
5. What beauty product give you more self-confidence?
Sephora's Foundation! first time i've ever used foundatin, lol, and no pimples! YET! hahahha!
6. What beauty attribute in men,is the most attractive to you?
idk? never though about it.

7. What beauty product would you love to be gifted with?
omg sooo many things! Urban Decays new palette, Make up forever HD! omg! hahaha, I have a whole list!!!
Next Blog will be my new GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!!

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